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Title Vi Update

Here’s an update on the battle to reform academic Middle East studies (and other programs of area studies as well). But first I want to thank Corner readers for all they’ve done in the past to support reform of Title VI of the Higher Education Act. No doubt about it–The Corner gets results. The bill just placed before the House (having cleared subcommittee and full committee hurdles) is Congress’s first-ever attempt to address the problem of bias in the academy. Without your help, we could never have gotten this far. But now the higher education lobby is gearing up to gut this bill. Earlier this week, I defended HR 3077. Now you can read Martin Kramer’s take on the bill. Notice the links to, and excerpts from, the higher education lobby’s attacks on HR 3077. They clearly mean to remove the call for intellectual diversity in Title VI. Their hope is to make Title VI a permanent multimillion dollar entitlement, with no oversight whatsoever. It speaks volumes about the current state of the academy that a call for viewpoint diversity is taken as a threat. The good news is that we’ve got a bill that can make a real difference. The bad news is that the higher education lobby is very powerful, and is determined to gut this bill behind the scenes. Don’t let them do it. Kramer gives you good places to write at the end of his blog. You can also write your own congressman and/or senators using the link at the end of my piece. And check out this great letter from Robert Satloff, former head of Washington’s premier Middle East think tank. It’ll give you ideas for a letter of your own.


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