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TK421: 5 Stages of Geekness

From a reader:

That strikes as a very effective geek detector, Jonah.  As soon as I saw

it I recognized it (that’s the first stage).   There was about a second

before I could place it, trying to figure out why I know that (2nd).

Followed by that warm-fuzzy feeling you get when you answer a trivia

question (3rd), as “TK421, why aren’t you at your post?” emerges from

the memory and I identify it as a Star Wars quote.   That, of course,

was followed quickly by the shame and chagrin that comes with the

knowledge that you are the essence of geek: having watched Star Wars so

many times that you were able to recognize such a ridiculously obscure

reference (4th).  Then comes acceptance.  Yes, we are geeks.  I am geek.

So be it.


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