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Ending torture and tyranny in Iraq was not a mistake. Supporting democracy in Iraq is not a mistake.

Helping the long-suffering Muslims of Iraq who now seek to live democratically is not a mistake. In the long, long history of the Middle East, this breakthrough may one day be ranked as a dramatic turning point in regional history.

While we may disagree about the strategy and tactics of the war, it would be a grave mistake for Americans to show disunity regarding our central purpose. Inflamed by hope of our disunity, and believing that we are weak of will, murderous assassins design to kill as many American soldiers as they can, confident that they will break our resolve.

Our enemies believe that Americans are deeply divided, easily discouraged by the sight of American blood, and unable to be resolute.

In “Saving Private Ryan,” the climactic scene places us face to face with a fallen hero who has just saved our lives and liberties, and who with his final breath says to us, “Earn it.”

Liberty never comes free.

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