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Today’s Electioneering Washington Post

It’s nice that the Washington Post has noticed the Kerry story on the front page today, but it’s a little late, especially after their comic placement yesterday: Kerry on A-8, Bush being poisonous on the campaign trail, A-1. Today’s Post also looks quite partisan, especially the campaign pamphlet thinly disguised as a news story by Jonathan Weisman and Jeff Birnbaum today, on how “scandal alone“ should sink the Republican House majority. (Never mind Democrats like Bill Jefferson or Alan Mollohan, they write, because their seats aren’t in danger!)

The other political front-page story today suggests a real problem for liberals if they want to contest election results: the trainees to be poll workers are largely retirees. Are they going to play the ageism card and say Grandpa’s too clueless to keep the vote reliable? I heard this don’t-trust-anyone-over-70 line trotted out by leftist Steven Hertzberg of the “Election Science Institute” on NPR’s Diane Rehm show on Monday.

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