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Today’s Questions for the President

It’s been two weeks since the alleged plot by Iran’s Quds Force to bomb the Saudi ambassador in Washington, D.C., was revealed. At that time, you promised that, in response, the “toughest sanctions” would be imposed upon Iran.

It’s reported that, since then, your administration has asked other countries to enforce sanctions already on the books and to postpone or cancel high-level meetings with Iranians. You’re also looking into designating Iran’s Central Bank for sanctions.

What other sanctions to you plan to impose on Iran and when? What will be the “toughest sanctions?”

What’s the probability that Russia and China will cooperate in enforcing the sanctions? 

Given that Iran has been the subject of approximately 30 separate sanctions by the United States, the United Nations and/or other international bodies over the last 32 years, and that Iran’s Central Bank is already the subject of sanctions, why do you believe that additional sanctions will deter Iranian malfeasance or otherwise affect the Iranian regime?

Have you modified your willingness to engage Iran without preconditions?