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Today’s Questions for the President

Could you kindly identify the presidential candidates (whether in primaries or general elections) over the last three election cycles who you maintain would not have given the order to take down Osama bin Laden? What evidence do you have that they would not have given the order?

In other presidential decision-making, which presidential candidates would have sicced special prosecutors on the intelligence officers who your own Defense secretary and former CIA director admits secured (from terror suspects) the very information that led SEAL Team Six to bin Laden, thus allowing you to give that order?

Which presidential candidates would have banned waterboarding of admitted terrorists as “torture,” “contrary to the Geneva Conventions,” and “something Americans don’t do,” while simultaneously ramping up the use of unmanned drones to summarily execute terror suspects, thereby resulting in the collateral death or dismemberment of potentially innocent civilians? 

Which presidential candidates would have signed an order closing Guantanamo without a back-up plan, resulting in the facility remaining open three-and-a-half years later?

Bonus question: Which presidential candidates would have signed a 2000+ page bill reordering one-sixth of the U.S. economy when absolutely no elected official had read such bill before passage?

Peter Kirsanow — Peter N. Kirsanow is an attorney and a member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

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