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The Toga Makes a Comeback!

This is clearly the ideal summertime uniform for all NR employees.

Intern: “Hail Ramesh”

Ramesh: “Greetings, Plebeian.”

Update: I love Corner readers. A reader corrects me:


That’s not a toga, that’s a chiton. A toga is 12 yards of wool cut in a trapezoid shape that you have to throw over one shoulder, wrap around the body and drape over the opposite forearm. While the ancient, ancient Romans used to wear it with nothing underneath but a loincloth, by Caesar’s day only a pretentious git like Cato the Younger did so. Everyone else wore a chiton underneath–more evidence of sissifying Greek influence, I’m sure.

Update II: He adds:

By the way, only citizens could wear the toga, whether patrician or plebian. And the only women allowed to wear it were whores. Respectable women wore a stola and palla.


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