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Tomorrow Is the Big Day. . .

Yes, it’s Election Day, but there are other big things happening tomorrow: Tuesday, November 5th, is the official publication date for Rich Lowry’s The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free, and Richard Brookhiser’s Give Me Liberty: A History of America’s Exceptional Idea. We encourage you to order them online (use the links) or to visit your local bookstore this week to pick up copies.

On the former: Ben Shapiro says that “Rich Lowry’s The Case for Nationalism is a massively important exploration of what nationalism really means, how it has been radically misinterpreted, and why American nationalism, properly construed, is essential to the project of restoring unity and purpose in our country.”

On the latter, esteemed historian Joseph J. Ellis says, In our deeply divided America, Richard Brookhiser goes back in search of our roots, and finds them in that many-headed idea called liberty. In his signature style, he wastes no words, defies the conventional political categories, and invites us to join him in recovering a series of inspirational moments when we all felt the same future in our hearts and minds.

Those are inspiring words, but if you need further inspiration, consider this: In the current issue of National Review we published a large excerpt – The Treason of the Elites – from Rich’s book, and another large excerpt – The New York Manumission Society – from Rick’s. Each will give you a sense of the important arguments and points their authors make in works that truly deserve to be on every conservative’s bookshelf.


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