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Tomorrow on Radio Free Kudlow

There’s a great (of course) line-up of big brains on Larry’s popular syndicated radio show manyana (broadcast from 10am to 1pm Eastern time, caught via the local air waves or over the web here), including Senator David Vitter, Congressman Jim Jordan, our own Bob Costa,  Glenn Hubbard, Brian Kelly, David Malpass, Addison Armstrong, Steve Moore, John McIntyre, and James Pethokoukis. Amongst the matters large and larger they’ll be discussing are Romney’s (Reaganesque?) 20% tax cut, how Obama’s corporate tax-reform plan is a big bad mess, as is his dividend assault, predictions on the Michigan and Arizona primaries, and a geyser of energy talk (the oil/gas spike, Obama’s response, the encores for drill, drill, drill, continuing reax to the Keystone Pipeline scuttling, and how stocks are holding up in the face of higher gasoline prices). Listen and learn.


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