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Tomorrow on Radio Free Kudlow

Larry launches your Columbus Day weekend with three hours of smart commentary and analysis, captured on electrified air waves and transmitted to your radio through the wonders of modern science, tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern via WABC-AM. Here’s what’s on the Kudlow must-discuss list: September jobs dodge recession bullet, Europe protecting banks; U.S. stocks going up; Bernanke yearns for QE-3; Obama’s unworkable jobs plan; “millionaires tax” mania; and Wall Street protesters feeling good POTUS vibes (while banks get BO’s malocchio). On board to ruminate with the Great Lorenzo: Holman Jenkins, Michael Farr, Joe LaVorgna, John Silvia, Lee Ohanian, Steve Moore, James Pethokoukis, and saving the best for last, NR’s Robert Costa. Listen and Learn!