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I think Mark Steyn sums it up well:  this was a normal 6th year election, not a paradigm shift.  narrow margins in both houses of Congress, and we’re back to divided government.  I think the left’s pickups were basically due to disenchantment with Bush and the state of the war in Iraq.  In retrospect, isn’t it fair to say that Bush’s reelection and the Congressional results in ‘04 were basically a message to him?  Get Iraq right, you’ve got two years or else.And he hasn’t got Iraq right, so the “or else” arrived as threatened.Indeed, as others politically more savvy than I have pointed out, lots of the Blue pickups in the House were accomplished by blue-dog Dems.Even if, as now appears, the Senate stays Red, Bush is gonna have a tough time getting support for a better war policy.  But Santorum left him the words and the methods with which he could do it.  If he’s up to it.

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