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Too Good?

From a Ex-Military Intelligence Dude:

 Subject: fishy smell from fish-wrap NYT


I’m pleased as punch to write you on cliche day… anyways, I’ll get

straight to the point.  Somebody might already have said so, and maybe

you’re [wisely] keeping mum, but here goes anyways.

I used to be in military intelligence, and I was an Arabic language

specialist at that.  The whole “nuke-stuff” gig was my downstairs

neighbor’s bag (when I lived in Laurel, MD, near Ft. Meade), but I

think I know enough to know a cherry opportunity at some disinformation

when I see it.  Everyone knows journalists are under-educated, though,

so maybe they don’t think that far ahead.

Anyways, this looks a little too good to be true, or, if I were

Iranian, at least that’s what I would be thinking.


Anonymous Ex-M.I. Dude