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‘Too Many Asian Americans’

Today, the Center for Equal Opportunity released a new study by Althea Nagai, our research fellow: “Too Many Asian Americans: Affirmative Discrimination in Elite College Admissions.” It documents the heavy evidence of a cap on Asian-American admissions at Harvard and MIT — but not, notably, at Cal Tech, which unlike the other two schools does not weigh skin color or national origin in its admissions.

Discriminating against any ethnic group in this way is deplorable and, if the Constitution and civil-rights laws were interpreted the way they were written, illegal as well. And the fact that not only whites but also some minority groups are being discriminated against — purportedly to achieve the “educational benefits” of student body “diversity” — should startle, even given the current case law. As America becomes increasingly multiethnic and multiracial — and indeed individual Americans become more and more multiethnic and multiracial — it also becomes increasingly untenable for our institutions to rank groups in this way.

Harvard has been sued for its policies, and the Justice Department is itself investigating the matter. We hope that today’s study will hasten the end of this politically correct discrimination at Harvard and all schools. The study is available on CEO’s website,


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