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Too Stupid to Survive (cont.)

Further to my post below on the US Army Reserve instructing American soldiers that Catholics and evangelicals are as scary and “extremist” as al-Qaeda and Hamas, I see that Fleet Street is doing the job American journalists won’t do and reporting further fascinating details of this story. From the slide presentation. we learn that, having been told Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism are “extremist”, America’s fighting men are then warned:

Soldiers are prohibited from the following actions in support of Extremist Organizations…

*Creating, Organizing, or Taking a Visible Leadership Role in such an Organization.

So no serving US private can become Pope. Glad we got that cleared up. “Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition” are now mutually incompatible activities.

A Russian officer famously described British troops in the Crimea as lions led by asses. That barely begins to cover the descent of America’s military bureaucracy into the armored division of the Berkeley faculty lounge.

More here from Ed Driscoll. The delusions peddled over here are not unconnected to the horrors over there.

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