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Toomey Predicts Romney Will Win Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey argued this morning that Mitt Romney was going to pull off a win in Pennsylvania.

“If you take a look at what happened the last time Pennsylvanians went to the polls, which is 2010, Republicans swept. I won a statewide office,” Toomey told CNN, per the rush transcript. “We elected a Republican governor. The U.S. congressional delegation and the state house assembly. So the fact is Republicans control the government at all levels by big numbers. And I think that this election is going to be much more like 2010 than 2008. I think Governor Romney’s going to carry Pennsylvania.”

“I’ve got to tell you the intensity and energy is absolutely electric,” Toomey remarked later in the conversation. “That rally last night, almost 40,000 people in one of those collar counties that you were just talking about, Bucks County, that was just terrific. That’s the way it’s been across the commonwealth. I’ve been campaigning all across this state. We’ve got the enthusiasm, and the momentum and energy and it matters in a very close race.”

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