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Top 10 Reasons to Come On Nr “Post-Election” Cruise

Number 6: Victor Davis Hanson

From warfare in ancient Greece to illegal immigrants fording the Rio Grande today, esteemed historian, author, and commentator Victor Davis Hanson writes with unrivaled authority. His resume and literary accomplishments (Between War and Peace, Ripples of Battle, and Mexifornia to name a few) are as staggering and important as his wisdom and patriotism are deep.

As you know, NRO is the happy home to VDH’s weekly column (considered must reading on Capitol Hill and in the White House). And for one glorious week this fall (November 13-20) the National Review 2004 Post-Election Caribbean Cruise will be the happy home to this great man, and over a dozen other leading experts and political strategists. As mentioned in a previous Corner posting, the cruise will be the setting for some unprecedented encounters: Imagine Bernard Lewis and Victor Davis Hanson discussing the whos, whats, and whys of al Qaeda, Saddam, the Taliban, and the ayatollahs! It’s difficult to picture something that NR and NRO readers will find more informative, engrossing, and insightful.

But then there will be that, and so much more, on our trip, which should come as little surprise given the outstanding contingent of speakers who will be aboard: along with Professors Lewis and Hanson will be Dick Morris, Rep. Pat Toomey, Michelle Malkin, Ed Gillespie, Stephen Moore, Dinesh D’Souza, John Hillen, John Derbyshire, John O’Sullivan, Rich Lowry, Ramesh Ponnuru, and Jay Nordlinger. This amazing line-up will thrill you with dead-on takes on the election results, informed prognostications as to their effects short- and long-term, and wise pronunciamentos on American strategy in Europe and the Middle East.

If for some reason you have an allergic reaction to wit and wisdom and fun and sun, if scintillating discussions give you the DTs, if you break out in hives at the thought of being in the company of (talking to, dining with, etc.) some of the most influential writers and political strategists in America for seven days, then by all means, DON’T COME!

But if you don’t have those reactions, tics, and tremors, then you have but one alternative: join us for what will be a truly once in a lifetime experience. During our week on the high seas, you’ll enjoy more than just a luxury cruise (on Holland America Line’s glorious Zuiderdam). In store are numerous, exclusive NR extras: seminars of sharp/witty discussions of politics and policy, revelrous pool-side cocktail parties, late-night “smokers” (featuring H. Upmann cigars and complimentary cognac!), and intimate dining (on at least two nights) with our speakers. And all that comes at super affordable rates (our ultra-low prices start at just $1,549 a person!). So do the right thing, right now: reserve your luxury stateroom. Just visit–where you’ll find complete information about our trip, the ship, and a secure reservation form.

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