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Top Eight Takeaways from the NYT‘s Obamacare Redistribution Piece

Don’t Dare Call the Health Law ‘Redistribution

1. The White House intentionally hid Obamacare’s redistributive goals.

2. Policy experts knew all along but didn’t tell the public. (NYT filled with policy experts.)

3. Phrases NYT prefers to “intentionally lied”: obscured, the White House cleverly modulated Mr. Obama’s language, a word you just don’t use, the word is particularly toxic, it has been hidden away, semantic sidestep, discredited promise.

4. NYT blames American “political culture” for not calmly accepting Obama’s health-care lies.

5. David Axelrod blames American political culture for Obama’s needing to lie in the first place.

6. Republican charges Obama feels must be deflected by disguising the truth: redistribution, socialized medicine, redistributor-in-chief, spreading the wealth around, closet socialist.

7. Republicans say Obama is hiding the truth about who he is and what he does. NYT agrees.

8. Openly admitting redistributive goals is a bad way to get an Obama-administration job but a good way to get appointed university chancellor.


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