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Top Five Meteor Truther Myths

The tin-foil-balaclava-wearers are out in force over last week’s fiery meteor over Russia. Here are the wackiest theories about what happened in the Ural Mountains last week:

1) The United States was testing a new, super-secret weapon on Russia: “The firebrand Russian Liberal Democrat leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky claims that no meteor fell in the Urals on Friday, but rather the US was testing a new weapon.”

2) The Russians blew up the meteor over their own city: “The local newspaper Znak reported the meteorite was intercepted by an air defense unit at the Urzhumka settlement near Chelyabinsk. Quoting a source in the military, it wrote a missile salvo blew the meteorite to pieces at an altitude of 20 kilometers.”

3) Someone fired a rocket at Chelyabinsk: ”It must’ve been the Chinese!”

4) A UFO crash. Spaceships are notoriously difficult to land: “The conspiracy is here! No doubt this matter should be taken seriously! Was it a false flag to prepare an Alien invasion?”

5) The crash of the U.S. “G-d Rods” spacecraft: “One scenario can explain the twin disasters, and that is a free fall of a U.S. Air Force orbital weapons platform loaded with super-heavy ‘God Rods’. . .the ultimate bunker busters, which strike with Luciferian power.”

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