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timpawlenty (Tim Pawlenty):

Congrats to @MarcoRubio – a transformative leader for a new generation.

kathrynlopez (Kathryn Jean Lopez):

as a woman, i’m proud we’ve made the first female speaker a former house speaker tonight.

DanFosterNRO (Daniel Foster):

I really thought Paladino was going to ride the GOP wave . . .

philipaklein (Philip Klein):

I expected GOP to retake the House, but didn’t expect networks to call it at 9pm. Wow.

stevebruskCNN (Steve Brusk):

Christine O’Donnell in concession speech says we were victorious because “Republican party will never be the same, and that’s a good thing.”

Benjy_Sarlin (Benjy_Sarlin):

Alan Grayson going down hard. Stern rebuke for progressive fans who argued his combative over-the-top style was also political gold.

timkmak (Tim Mak):

Reports from NY-23: Doheny is down by about five points. The margin of error? Doug Hoffman.

RichLowry (Rich Lowry):

Olsen: Repubs could still be on track for 60-75 seat pick-up (if they win 5 out 6 of IN2/8/9, VA5/9, KY6.)

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