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The Tories

Iain Murray is, quite correctly, not impressed:

“The Tories, quite simply, have failed to present a message to the public that is worth listening to. On the war, their message is “Tony Blair ran rings around us, the swine,” which confirms an impression of incompetence (even John Kerry has a better story than that, marginally). On public services their message appears to be “We’ll keep up public spending while reducing it at the same time!” and for their next trick they will ride two horses going in opposite directions. On their image, the message is “We’re not nasty, but we’re sorry we were, and, erm, why won’t anyone listen to us?” This isn’t useful. I’ve said it before here, and I’ll say it again, that the whole nasty party idiocy is what has kept the Tories down in the electoral doldrums.”

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