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Touching the NRO Third Rail

Jonah, I too liked Up. Perhaps not as much as I liked Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Cars (at least the first three hundred times I saw it), but I certainly could watch it again. The first fifteen minutes of the movie was brilliant, beautiful, and quite touching for anyone that has loved and lost or just loved. The dog stuff was funny, though not nearly as funny as I had been led to believe from the reviews. It was an entertaining film on the whole without the enviromoralistic baggage attached to the last Pixar effort — the Film Not To Be Named Again Here about the robot. But here’s what bothers me about the movie, and perhaps Pixar in general. Pixar has grown up. It used to be an outfit that made movies for kids that parents could enjoy too. Now it doesn’t make movies anymore, only films. And it now instead of kids movies that parents will like too, it makes movies that parents will tell themselves their kids will like but in reality were really only made for the parents in the first place, but had to be marketed to kids in order to justify being animated and in 3-D. On balance, that still compares favorably to most of the garbage marketed to kids these days (see, e.g., Monsters v. Aliens). But, as you well know having been with them on more than a few occasions, my kids will vote for Lightning McQueen over an Ed Asner-voiced lonely old man protaganist on most, if not all, occasions. That said, the Pixar shorts, which precede the main events, continue to be terrific, as was Partly Cloudy, the short that preceded the showing of Up. Fun for parent and child alike.  


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