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Town Hall Questions for Obama on Ayers, Born-Alive, and More

Anyone attending Tuesday’s town hall debate is welcome to use the following questions:

        1. Why shouldn’t voters view your association with the radical William Ayers as evidence that you are sympathetic to the similarly radical views of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, your pastor of 20 years?


        2. You characterized Ayers as ” respected.” What do you respect about him? Do you respect any other unrepentant terrorists?


        3. Do you agree with the National Journal’s assessment that you’re the nation’s most liberal senator? If not, whom do you maintain is more liberal?


         4. Could you please cite three things you’ve done as senator to win the war in Iraq?


        5. You would meet with Ahmadinejad without preconditions, you worked with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, and you remained in Rev Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years — yet you refused to debate on Fox News. Do you consider Brit Hume and Chris Wallace to be more objectionable than Ahmadinejad, Ayers and Wright?


        6. You dismissed your association with William Ayers by stating that his actions, while “despicable,” occurred when you were just eight years old. Ayers was still a fugitive when another terrorist bomber, Ted Kaczynski ( the ” Unabomber”) began his bombing campaign (btw senator, you were 20 at the time). Would you have had any reservations working with Kaczynski? Would you have had any reservations launching your political career from Kaczynski’s home? What about abortion clinic bomber Eric Rudolf? If so, please explain your reasons for working with some terrorists but not others.


        7. Your running mate thinks that Hillary Clinton would have been a better VP pick than he. Why do you disagree?


        8. Excluding political campaigns, what’s the largest enterprise you’ve ever managed? How successful was it?


        9. You’ve stated that given the state of the economy, as president you might have to delay your tax plan. Why isn’t this an admission that your tax plan would hurt the economy?


        10. You’ve stated that determining when a baby gets human rights is “above [your] pay grade.” Let’s make it simple. Do you believe a baby is a human being? If not, why not? If you do, why wouldn’t a baby be entitled to human rights? Is your uncertainty regarding this issue the reason you voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act?


        11. While in the Illinois state legislature you voted “present” more than 130 times. Given your uncertainty as to when a baby is entitled to human rights, why didn’t you simply vote “present” on the Born-Alive Act?


        12. Did you and Ayers ever discuss his participation in the bombing of the Pentagon? If so, when? How did you respond? Did you continue working with him afterward? Why? Did this discussion occur before or after he hosted your political coming-out party?


        13. As president, would you appoint any member to your cabinet who had worked with terrorists? Would you appoint any individual whose political career had been launched at the home of a terrorist? If not, why not? If you consider an association with terrorists to be a disqualifier for, say, the position of attorney general or national security advisor, why shouldn’t it be a disqualifier for president?


        14. Did you ever tell Ayers that his actions were “despicable”? If so, did you do so at the time you interviewed to chair the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, or later?


        15. Your campaigned is premised, in part, on a theme of racial transcendence yet you support racial preferences in employment, contracting and school admissions. Is there any existing racial preference that you don’t support?


        16. Why do you support the Employee Free Choice Act that would effectively eliminate secret ballot union representation elections? Do you support eliminating secret ballots in presidential, congressional, gubernatorial or mayoral elections?


        17. You support giving drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants and letting them participate in the Social Security system. Why wouldn’t this encourage more illegal immigrants to come to this country?


        18. You had a relationship with an unrepentant terrorist and you’ve stated that you’d meet without precondition with the leaders of terrorist-sponsoring countries. Could you please explain why voters should believe you’re serious about the threat of terrorism?


        19. What, if any, policy differences do you have with Ayers?


        20. In which of the following states have you met bitter people who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them”: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Virginia?


It took five minutes to come up with these questions. Obama’s been campaigning for 20 months and not once have the media found time to ask any of the foregoing. Too bad Rick Warren isn’t moderating all of the debates.


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