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TPaw Rallies Tax Day Crowd

Speaking to hundreds of Tea Partiers at a rally in Boston today, Tim Pawlenty made his case for why the Tea Party should support him.

“Have you had enough of this coalition of big government, big unions, and big bailout   businesses scratching each others’ back?” Pawlenty asked. “We’re here today to tell them this message: don’t tread on me.”

He riffed on Obama. “I give the president credit for at least one thing. He’s proven that someone can deserve a Nobel prize less than Al Gore.” “President Obama, I sometimes, I think, gets confused about the founding perspective of our country and some of the phrases in these documents. For example, the phrase to form a more perfect union, President Obama, does not refer to coddling the public employee unions.” “I’m not one to question to President Obama’s birth certificate, but when I look at his policies, I do wonder what planet he’s from.”

His criticism of the unions wasn’t delivered to an entirely friendly crowd; a group of about twenty union supporters were gathered in the front of the rally, holding signs against the tea party.

“Together we can restore America’s promise, but it’s not going to be done by centralized government systems,” Pawlenty said. “We can do it, one school at a time, one Little League at a time, one PTA at a time, one church gathering at a time, one American at a time, and one Tea Party rally at a time.”

(Pawlenty with a young supporter.)

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