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Tracking the Twitterati


kathrynlopez (Kathryn Jean Lopez) 

another “pro-life dem” goes down — charlie wilson.#agoodnightfortruth

jaketapper (Jake Tapper) 

Top Dem emails me: “bloodbath.”

JonahNRO (Jonah Goldberg) 

CNN’s John King: “GOP succeeded at making Pelosi a villain.” Uh, I think she helped.

AmSpec (The American Spectator)

California Woes to Continue

KevinNR (Kevin D. Williamson) 

Any chance Jerry Brown will revive his lost love for the flat tax?

daveweigel (Dave Weigel) 

Please, call her senator. She worked so hard to earn that title.#casen

IMAO (Frank J. Fleming) 

If we’ve learned anything from this election, it’s that Aqua Buddha is very powerful and shouldn’t be angered.

greeneforsenate (Alvin Greene) 


JulieBorowski (Julie Borowski) 

Alvin Greene calls for recount on Twitter page! You the man Al.#electionnight


JonahNRO (Jonah Goldberg) 

Haley win = Fantastic. GOP should cultivate Indian-American community at every opportunity.

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