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Tragedies (Greek and American)

Mona and I have done a Need to Know podcast, with an apt guest: Desmond Lachman, of the American Enterprise Institute. He is an expert on international finance, and informed to the gills about Greece. He has all the details, but he has more than that: perspective.

Later in the podcast, Mona and I talk about Donald Trump, who seems to be a pebble in the Republican party’s shoe. (I myself often get a kick out of him, and he has a genius for showmanship, business, and PR, but his presidential candidacy is problematic and mischievous.) We also talk about Rick Perry, and a sore subject: the relationship of the GOP and black voters.

There’s also Iran — of course — and climate change — of course — and even a bit of music (musical theater). I guarantee that you will like something. Maybe even everything? In any event, that link, again, is here.

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