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Tragedy:Farce :: 1968:2016

I’m starting to read comparisons of 2016 to 1968, given the sorry state of the world in general and American politics in particular. But I must say that, if this is an example of history repeating itself, it’s also an example of the first time being tragedy and the second time being farce. 

Consider, for example, race relations. In 1968 the Justice Department was putting an end to Jim Crow, and in 2016 the feds are telling us that the problem is overaggressive traffic ticketing. On the world stage, ISIS is a threat, but compared to the Soviet Union? Plus, there’s no draft and no hippies. 

And consider our politicians. Can Donald Trump match George Wallace’s credentials in the bigotry department? He cannot. Is Ted Cruz as corrupt as Richard Nixon? Don’t be silly. Is Hillary Clinton as scary as Hubert Humphrey? Okay, I’ll give you that one.

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