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Trainer: George Zimmerman ‘Still Learning How To Punch’

George Zimmerman’s trainer, Adam Pollock, testified today on Zimmerman’s physical fitness and training history. Pollock described Zimmerman as generally pleasant, but noted that he was “physically soft” and “fat.” Asked why Zimmerman never learned to spar with a partner, Pollock replied “because he wasn’t skilled enough…he’s still learning how to punch. He didn’t know how to really effectively punch.” He went on to explain that Zimmerman “was not an accomplished athlete in any way, shape, or form.”

Pollock said that Zimmerman joined the gym primarily to lose weight, and his training focused on the grappling and boxing fighting techniques. Even though Zimmerman successfully lost between 50 and 80 pounds, Pollock explained that his fighting skills remained extremely basic and rated his boxing ability as a “point five” out of ten.

Zimmerman’s boxing training, according to Pollock, involved calisthenics and shadow boxing with a heavy bag, but he never set foot inside the ring. 

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