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A Traitor Not A Victim

Jules Crittenden on the killer within:

[Major Hasan] probably deserves desertion, treason and terrorism charges if, as all indicators seem to very strongly suggest, he was engaged in jihad, from his violence-inciting, hateful rants about the Koran, his denunciation of the United States as “the aggressor” in arguments with fellow soldiers, to his shouts of “Allahu Akhbar,” to what they believe were his Internet defenses of suicide bombings, to his choice of targets, the Soldier Readiness Center at Fort Hood. If al-Qaeda is an amorphous enemy, an idea made situationally manifest by the will of its adherents, and he was in fact an adherent of its violent agenda, then he is the enemy, his actions were acts of war, and they bled and died under enemy fire

Is any of the above very likely to be offically recognized? No.

“No” is something of an understatement. Meanwhile, as our handwringing media plumb new deaths, I appreciated this comment:

Incredible, especially when you consider that the only Muslims killed in the USA on 9/11 and in Britain on 7/7 were killed by Muslims.

Muslims may have as much to fear from radical Muslims as any other American, Briton or Canadian… I’m rather sick of the MSM interrupting our grieving to tell us that, to add Muslims’ insults to a Muslim’s murderous injury, they suspect us of wanting to attack their mosques now, even though we didn’t the last ten times a Muslim killed innocent people in the name of Islam. What are they scared of? Grafitti?

That first sentence is worth bearing in mind when mendacious lobby groups such as CAIR trot out their “fears” for Muslim safety. Muslims died in the World Trade Center, the London Underground, the Bali nightclub attacks, the Istanbul bank bombings, in Iraqi shopping markets targeted by insurgents. The death toll of Muslims killed by Muslims in any one year is staggering. Jihadists are very indifferent to murdering their coreligionists and have been since the Grand Mufti staged his uprising in Mandatory Palestine and wound up slaughtering more Muslims than Jews or Britons.

After my comparative body count in my “fear for Muslims” post last night — non-Muslims 13, Muslims 0 — a snotty liberal wrote to wonder sneeringly how I knew the dead at Fort Hood were all non-Muslims. He thinks he’s refuting my point but in fact he’s making it for me: The soi-disant ”moderate Muslim” has far more to fear from a coreligionist boarding the subway train yelling “Allahu akbar!” than he does from the allegedly “Islamophobic” Americans forever on the brink of “backlash.” That our media cannot see what the commenter above sees is, even in a relativist age, a very advanced stage of decadence.

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.

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