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Transforming America

A reader, on that WSJ editorial conference:

When I am at my most cynical, I think that the reason why our political elites want so much immigration, especially from Latin America, is because they envy the elites of Latin America. The U.S.A. is a really messy place for the rich.  New rich are constantly coming up.  Average people are constantly doing things like voting and flying first class and staying in nice hotels.  In Latin America none of that happens. If you are one of the elite, you live completely separate from the average rabble.  The elite have complete control over society and are accountable to no one.

I think he has a point.  Net-net, the Latin-Americanization of the U.S.A. would be a sweet deal for the established wealthy, a terrible deal for the rest of us.  In lieu of any other explanation for why the Bushes, Gigots, and Clintons all favor open borders, this one looks pretty good.

Incidentally, Kathryn, I wonder if he have considered vidcasting National Review editorial conferences.

Though on reflection, perhaps… better not.