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Transparency for Everyone . . .

As calls increase for Romney to release more of his tax returns, there should be a grand deal with the Obama reelection campaign, one that allows both candidates to be completely transparent across the board, in the manner that John McCain was in 2008, but Barack Obama was unfortunately not. So a suggestion: Each candidate might release five years (or perhaps even ten years) of past tax returns; at the same time, each candidate should release his undergraduate and graduate transcripts, and each candidate should release his complete medical records. The latter is critical as we see in the case of Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr., and as we remember the Left tried to make the argument, based on reporters’ access to his school and medical records, that McCain’s age, his injuries, and his bout with cancer should have been a legitimate concern. I recall as well that there were murmurs that McCain’s GPA at the U.S. Naval Academy and class ranking were topics of concern. Such a compromise would end the back and forth and the mutual requests for full disclosure. And given that higher education, student support, Obamacare, and tax policy are now hot-button issues, the public should be informed about their next president’s university record, his full health record, and his recent tax record.


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