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Treasures–Within Your Reach

The Nov. 24 issue of NR is just about to bed. If you are a subscriber, here’s a quick look at SOME of what you have to look forward to (and if you are not a subscriber: ALL THIS CALL BE YOURS, TOO!): VDH on LOYALTY. Amir Taheri on CHECKLIST IRAQ. Ramesh Ponnuru on THE RIGHT AND MARRIAGE. Jennifer Grossman on the dangers of FAT ACCEPTANCE. PLUS: A little David Pryce-Jones, John O’Sullivan, Kate O’ Beirne, Roger Kimball, Byron York, Rick Brookhiser, and a dude you may have heard of named MARK STEYN. PLUS a little Rob Long humor.

And, folks, that’s not even all of it! You can subscribe to the paper version here and the digital version here. Go Digital and you will have access to NRODT tomorrow night. AND–if you subscribe to the paper edition, you get DIGITAL included–a bargain(you can also subscribe to the digital version only, though, here).


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