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Trent Lott May Be Sick of People Who Know Where Gulfport Is

Dear K-Lo, Finally got through to a Lott office in Pascagoula a few minutes ago (all lines at all offices are busy or turned off).  A hostile woman answered and told me that my opinions were “my prerogative” and hung up on me without further adieu—I did not get a “thank you” or a “good-bye.” I had politely asked her to get the message to Sen. Lott to please do the right thing and vote no on this immigration bill. His website mentions that his dad was a pipesetter and a union member. Does he not realize that these jobs and others are going to illegals and not Americans? I would not think the unions are keen on this bill, either. I think their nerves are on edge from answering the phone all day with (probably over 98% of the people calling saying the same thing—for Lott to vote against the illegal immigration bill). Please sign me (if you post),Disgusted Transplanted Floridian from Mississippi


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