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Tripping Over Dropping Shoes

Today is the day Mickey Kaus called “shoe day,” the day the Democrats would drop their load of slime on Arnold. Like clockwork, here it comes. Okay, so Arnold is a serial groper; this only makes him eligible to be defended by the Clintonistias. It might even win him a few votes in California.

One thing that has warmed the heart of dispirited California conservatives throughout is the disarray the recall has generated on the Left. Davis is a goner, and the Cruzinator is sinking like a stone. The party that is supposed to be so good at politics suddenly looks like the 1962 Mets (or the 2003 Tigers). And today the Left can’t even keep out of the way of its own attacks, because the Groping Arnold story is being completely eclipsed by the Rush Limbaugh controversy, which is leading the network hourly radio and TV news broadcasts this morning. You’d think the media hive would have sorted out their priorities better than this, and timed these bombshells better.

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