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Trish Buckley Bozell’s Funeral

Just came back from Trish Buckley Bozell’s funeral — one of the most beautiful ever. Mass in Latin. Bach Consort provided the astonishingly prayerful music. Nobody better brings out the sheer religious sweetness of Bach’s love for the Lord than Jay Reilley Lewis and his Consort. Trish was a faithful attendee at their concerts and supporter and goad. Elegant and moving eulogies by her sons. Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament filled with friends, admirers, and people whose spirits are indebted to her.


In Washington this has been a time of candles going out — three of the most prominent Catholic journalists/literary lights in the nation, Tim Russert, Tony Snow, and Trish (editor of more than 400 books). One characteristic of all them pointed out again and again: The joy that burst from them, their love for others. That’s just about the surest Seal there is, that this is the real thing.


That light endures, even when the candles go out.


If one imagines heaven as the locale of the greatest conversations, most beautiful music, and truest poetry and drama, our friends are adding to its lustre even now.


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