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Triumph of Hope . . . over Experience?

It looks like the Nobel Prize Committee likes to have fun with the U.S. domestic political consensus. The “most read” stories over on (conservative-leaning but mainstream) RealClearPolitics right now are the following: “Is Obama Becoming a Joke?” “Voters Are Turning Away From Democrats.” “More Popular, But Less Respected.” “Obama Is Suddenly Looking Unsure of Himself.” “Obama’s French Lesson.” And “The Obamas’ Narcissism on Display.”

Obama has a different strategy for pursuing world peace than his immediate predecessor did. Whether his strategy will succeed remains, ahem, to be seen. But even the guys on MSNBC’s Morning Joe are saying Marisa Tomei deserved the Best Supporting Actress Oscar more than Obama deserved this. (NB: I have no ill will toward President Obama and wish him all the best on this award. But I hope that even Obama’s most fervent backers will agree that, so far, this award has more to do with hope than with accomplishment.)


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