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Trojan Horse?

The President of the EU’s corrupt ‘parliament’, a Spanish socialist by the name of Borrell (elected, incidentally, to his position with the help of Britain’s useless Tories) has given his views on Polish and Lithuanian efforts to help the Ukraine’s orange revolution.

In his view, apparently (the Baltic Times reports), “the Ukrainian crisis was resolved thanks to EU efforts and not because of mediation on behalf of Aleksander Kwasniewski and Valdas Adamkus. Poland and Lithuania, claimed Borrell, had not been instrumental and had essentially been “under U.S. control” while negotiating a settlement between the two sides in the conflict.”

The Poles and Lithuanians were, unsurprisingly, none too happy to learn that they were under US “control”, and there’s been a certain amount of backtracking on Borrell’s part, but the incident is yet another reminder of the real views of the EU establishment.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting to read in the same piece that the EU’s ex-president, Romano Prodi, is saying that there is little hope that the Ukraine will be able to join the EU. Perhaps he would like to explain why – or does he just think that some Europeans are more equal than others?

Ukraine is a part of Europe, and it belongs in the EU, and once (hopefully as soon as possible) it becomes a member, it should help in the process of cleaning Brussels up. After all, Ukraine knows a thing or two about crooked bureaucracies – and how to get rid of them.

The EU Referendum blog has more.

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