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Trolling for Suicide by Starvation Stories

A big new drive in bioethics and euthanasia advocacy is VSED, “voluntary stop eating and drinking,” AKA suicide by starvation.

Compassion and Choices–the George Soros-bounteously-funded assisted suicide promoters–pushes VSED on its Website as a positive way for the elderly “tired of life” to get out of this world.

Now a bioethics journal wants stories of starvation suicides. 

We would like to hear about both positive and negative experiences with VSED. The stories should give readers a sense of what it is like to undergo, support, or encounter VSED.

We want true, personal stories in a form that is interesting and easy to read. Please share this invitation and guide sheet with appropriate individuals. In writing your story, please consider these questions:

• What do you want to tell us about your experience with VSED? Please share a particular story describing what happened, how you felt, and how you reacted.

• What about your experience was positive? What was negative? Was anything surprising?

• What could have been done differently to improve your experience? • What would you want to tell people who are considering or are offered VSED?

This is a  method of normalizing (on the way to lethal injections of the elderly as in Netherlands and Belgium) of what should be unequivocally resisted. 

People who want to starve themselves to death should be provided suicide prevention services and techniques for resisting the darkness, not validation or bland nonjudgmentalism.



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