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Trouble in Scotland

It seems the trip that DeLay is most vulnerable on is the Scotland leg of his London/Scotland travel. David Rogers has a piece on it in the Wall Street Journal today. Here is a key bit:

House rules say such trips are acceptable only if they are principally designed for information gathering, and Mr. DeLay’s visit to Scotland and London was billed as an effort to promote an exchange of ideas with British conservatives.

Still, lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s heavy involvement and the recreational nature of much of the trip raise questions about the true purpose of the Scottish leg of the expensive outing, which Mr. Abramoff initially helped pay for, according to travel documents and billing records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The new information suggests instead that recreation was the primary purpose of going to Scotland, and the excursion appears more a gift and contrary to House rules defining “necessary” travel expenses as not including “entertainment or recreational activities.”


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