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Via Mitch McConnell’s office: “The administration’s announcement on embryonic stem cell research represents a troubling shift in U.S. policy. With this announcement, the government is, for the first time, incentivizing the creation and destruction of human embryos at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer. I support biomedical research and I believe the administration would be far better served by directing taxpayer funds to research on non-embryonic stem cells, which is both effective and ethical.”

and David Vitter’s:

“This is an issue that many Americans have deep concerns about.  The restrictions put in place by the Bush administration reflected those concerns and recognized the value and sanctity of all human life.  I’m saddened that President Obama has chosen to set aside the views of so many Americans and reversed these restrictions that were put in place to protect these valuable human embryos, especially when our most promising scientific potential has been seen in adult stem cell research,” said Vitter.