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Is ‘Truckliness’ is Next to Godliness?

From Florida Capital News:

The Florida Senate on Thursday passed an amendment to impose a $60 fine on Truck Nutz, one brand name for the novelty item on vehicle trailer hitches that resemble the dangling southern end of a northbound bull.

The proposal would make displaying bull genitalia reproductions on a vehicle subject to a $60 fine, moving violations and points against a driver license.


Sen. Jim King, R-Jacksonville, said he had a set on one of his vehicles, which he described as “all pimped out.” They are no more than “an expression of truckliness,” he said, although he’d acceded to his wife’s request to take them off.

“I find it shocking we’d tell people with metallic testicles on their bumpers that this is a violation,” said Sen. Steve Geller, D-Hallandale. “There’s got to be better things for us to spend time debating.”

Geller suggested this ban might be followed by prohibiting silhouettes of nude women on truck mud flaps.

“We’re basically going to have the bumper police,” King said.

I have a feeling that Senator King is now the, uh, butt, uh, of a few jokes about acceding his “Nutz” to his wife. Probably best not to legislate the line between offensive and tacky — and the last thing we need to do is give the hosts of Top Gear more ammunition to attack American truck culture.


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