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A True Convention Moment

The MSM — and many others — have been weeping and moaning over the staged, predictable, nature of the political conventions for decades. They yearn for the floor flights of yore. Well, a few minutes ago, they came close to having their wishes answered. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, the head of the Democratic National Convention, called for a voice vote to amend the platform to fix the language on Israel and God in the platform. The vote required a two-thirds aye. The first time he couldn’t tell if he got it. The second time the no votes clearly had it. The third time: the nos won again. I’m sitting in the upper decks by the Fox cameras, so I’m in a very good place to hear without being misled by proximity to one faction or another. It was obvious that the nos had it. Still, I suppose it’s possible the ayes were in a bare majority. But there’s simply no way they had a two-thirds majority. I was sitting with a decidedly non-conservative journalist and he was even more sure than me that the no voters won. 

Villaraigosa simply opted to declare the amendment adopted. Boos rang out. 

If the the MSM was true to either its claims of objectivity — or its own nostalgia — they would be covering this episode as at minimum a major embarrassment and, more fairly, as a serious indication of a party divided over God, Israel, or both. 

UPDATE: Here’s the video:

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