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True Scotsmen, True Americans, True Grit

George Harrison with President Gerald Ford at the White House in 1974 (White House / Gerald R. Ford Library)

I have a couple of podcasts for you — first, a Q&A with Thea Musgrave, the Scottish-American composer who is celebrating her 90th birthday this year. She is bright, interesting, and delightful — a first-rate conversationalist. I’ll have more to say about her in a piece or two, but to hear the woman herself, in viva voce, so to speak, go to that ’cast. I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

Also, I’ve done a Jaywalking, here. I start with George Bush — the first one, whom I let speak for himself. That is, I play a tape (do we still use that word?) of a significant speech he gave. That speech was in 1988, at the Republican convention (New Orleans). I play a couple of other things from the same year — two of the Top Five pop songs of 1988. (One was originally recorded in 1962, but “covered” by George Harrison some 25 years later, in best-selling style.)

What else? Commentary, of course, but I make up for it with more music — such as “La Marseillaise,” sung by Georges Thill, the great French heldentenor, in 1931. I end this podcast with extended comments on ISIS, and the music that Omar Mohammed listened to, as he sought solace under ISIS rule. That music comes from the soundtrack of a Holocaust movie — extraordinary.

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