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A True World Order

From my most recent NRO article, on how to rescue Europe from its current doldrums:

The United States — still the world’s only superpower and likely to remain so for a considerable time, despite the peppy delusions of some of the Chinese leadership (the Europeans must be over theirs by now) — needs to put its own house in order and reoccupy its place at the head of the democracies. Only then can it stir Europe from its dyspeptic confusion, and move toward the final and altogether peaceful chapter of the triumph of democracy, not altogether wittingly opened by Woodrow Wilson, and successfully conducted through the World and Cold Wars over the last century. A little leadership and imagination will put a stop to all this defeatist bunk about Western decline. No one with any knowledge of history will confuse America catching its breath with the bread-and-circuses decay of civilization.

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