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Trump Admin Refuses to Defend Obamacare in Court

I’ve written several times about the bizarre lawsuit in which some states are trying to kill the Affordable Care Act in its entirety. I won’t bore you yet again with the technical details of the suit’s claims and why they’re wrong; see my most recent post here and NR’s Editors here if you’re interested. The news is that while the Trump administration previously argued that only some parts of Obamacare should be struck down — including, in what was already one heck of a political miscalculation, key protections for people with preexisting conditions — under the new attorney general, William Barr, it now backs the lawsuit in full.

The whining from the Left about the “norm-breaking” refusal of an administration to defend a duly enacted law from a legal challenge is a bit rich, given the Obama administration’s similar refusal regarding the Defense of Marriage Act. But the administration’s position is both legally incorrect and politically unwise.

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