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Trump Aide Calls It ‘a Single Man Race’

It seems that Donald Trump’s braggadocio also affects his top aides.  

Yahoo News reports:  

Ed McMullen, one of Trump’s campaign co-chairs in South Carolina, told Yahoo News he believes the primary has now become a “single-man race,” with Trump too far beyond his top rivals — Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas — for them to catch up.

“It’s now starting to coalesce. Republicans are starting to realize from every demographic group that this guy is Reagan-esque. He’s a serious leader and he is something different that this country needs now,” McMullen said. “It is a single-man race. They have to beat him because he has got a message that people are starting to join together for and support. And I think he will win handily as we go forward.”

Whenever a campaign expresses that much overconfidence and starts to compare its guy to Ronald Reagan, it is liable to make mistakes and miss things.  As I point today on the homepage, the rumors of Trump’s inevitability are greatly exaggerated.


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