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Trump Backs ‘Warmongering’ Elise Stefanik to Replace Liz Cheney

At last, we find ourselves on the cusp of ridding the Republican Party of the warmongering “neocons” that have plagued it for so long. “We” being a euphemism for Donald Trump, who has denounced GOP House conference chair Liz Cheney as “a person that loves seeing our troops fighting” — that’s the only possible explanation for opposing troop withdrawals — and only utters her name after applying the “warmonger” epithet before it.

It looks more and more likely that Trump will get his most fervent wish and Cheney will be removed from her position in leadership. It also seems probable that Representative Elise Stefanik, whom Trump has endorsed, will replace her.

Remember, this is a principled fight over foreign-policy issues.


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