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Trump Campaign Didn’t Request a Recount in Wisconsin Counties Using Dominion Machines

Here’s a clear sign the Trump campaign doesn’t actually think Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell’s voting-machine conspiracy theory is remotely plausible:

Hand recounts aren’t necessary to prove that the vote counts were accurate: Every state has its own laws in place to double-check vote counts during its canvassing or auditing process designed to catch errors made on Election Night.

But hand recounts do provide an additional level of transparency and trust that the vote-counting machines got the count right. Just take a look at the transparency of the partial recount going on in Wisconsin right now:

In Wisconsin, some counties use Dominion voting machines while some don’t. If the Trump campaign thought the Dominion voting-machine conspiracies were remotely plausible, wouldn’t they want this level of scrutiny in the counties that used the Dominion machines? One would think so, but in Wisconsin, the Trump campaign only requested hand recounts in the state’s two largest (and two overwhelmingly Democratic) counties — Milwaukee and Dane, neither of which uses Dominion voting machines, according to the office of Wisconsin’s secretary of state. The Trump campaign’s recount strategy in Wisconsin tells you how serious the campaign is about the Dominion voting conspiracy theory.



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