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Does Character Matter?

In response to The Week

Dennis Prager does his level best to argue that Donald Trump’s long history of adultery, dishonesty, and other misbehavior don’t tell us very much about whether he’s a good president or about whether Evangelicals and other Christians ought to support him.

I take a slightly different view.

In choosing a president of the United States, adultery would greatly matter to me if it were engaged in indiscreetly. I don’t trust the integrity or conscience of a man or woman who publicly humiliates his or her spouse.

Surely Dennis Prager remembers all those tabloid headlines resulting from Trump’s adulterous shenanigans. And perhaps the name Stormy Daniels rings a bell as well.

I think there’s some question-begging involved in treating the question of character as separate from the question of policy. Trump’s habitual dishonesty, his laziness, and his penchant for blaming others all have had important consequences for policy. They are, for example, part of why we still have the Affordable Care Act on the books.

There’s a very informative video called “Character: Who Needs It?” available from the Dennis Prager Store. I recommend it.


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