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A More Enjoyable Presidential Debate

Despairing at the thought of Monday’s impending debate? Hopefully this will put a smile back on your face heading into the weekend. With apologies to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton’s Cabinet Battle #1.

Trump: It was the best of times when we were strong, now it’s the worst

Elites detest America, put D.C. donors first

They grease each other’s wheels, spinning globalist ideals

Let’s get back to winning like I do in all my deals

Ah, just look how Clinton panders

Abandoning all standards just to outflank Bernie Sanders

That man had no immigration plan and still La Raza panned hers

Now a promise to ignore the law is all she really stands for

Clinton: Not true.

Trump: Ooh, it’s much too late to pivot

If someone comes illegally why should we forgive it?

The president must take care to provide for law and order

Your job as top cop don’t stop on arrival at the border

Real Americans are sick of all your tricks

We want unity but you play identity politics

I’ll deport, build the wall, track down visa overstays

And once they back down on my crackdown, Mexico pays!

Stand with me in the land of the free

Pray to god we never see Hillary’s amnesty

Her plan to hand out healthcare led a White House to despair

Imagine what gon’ happen when illegals get welfare

Clinton: Donald, you did well in your primary fight

But the general electorate ain’t the alt-right

Race-baiting for your base is rating poorly in the polls

You gotta be swing-stating, not elating Russian trolls

Immigration is what built this nation

If we embrace every race we create a safe space

Show the world a better face

You’re a disgrace

You hate on those who immigrate

Seeking freedom, ‘stead you’d lead ’em

Back to some poor, war-torn place

Why this panic, about anyone Hispanic?

Your own forefathers ain’t from this side of the Atlan’ic

“I’ll deport, build the wall,” yeah keep ranting

We know whose really doing all of Mar-e-Lago’s planting

Oh, and speaking of skin color, Mr. Super Self-Important

Your spray-tan’s too orange, no one cares you went to Wharton

You think you impress with your asinine demands

I think you’re just compensating for your tiny hands

Will Donald Trump really install a tall border wall or

Is it just an empty promise his supporters all fall for

Reporters say “Deport or stay?” Why won’t he clarify?

Can’t you see, the plan’s only amnesty and e-verify!

To make our country great again let’s not kick out Latinos

Just anyone so dumb he loses money on casinos

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