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Re: Balls, Strikes, and Trump

In response to Chris Matthews, Btw,

If I could weigh in on this one. Of course, I agree that we need to call balls and strikes on Trump, since that’s been NR’s editorial approach to his presidency and I’m the editor. On the merits, though, I don’t see what the alternative is. In fact, one of the problems with conservative commentary in the age of Trump is that so many on both sides aren’t willing to call balls and strikes. Some pro-Trumper’s will overlook or explain away anything. Some anti-Trumper’s won’t give him credit for anything. Both sides are basically refusing to exercise any judgment and letting the passions of the moment drive them. I believe that this is to be resisted. Now, people may have different strike zones — i.e., put a different weight on character versus policy, or use or reject a general “is it better than Hillary?” standard, etc. — but just because much of the world is losing its mind, it doesn’t mean that we have to.

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